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Various Poems and Stories and Quotes

First Poem

As I woke up this morning,
When all great things are born;
A robin perched upon my sill,
To signal the coming dawn.

The bird was fragile, young and gay,
And sweetly did it sing;
That thoughts of happiness and joy,
Into my heart did spring.

I smiled softly at the cheery song,
Then as it paused.......a moment's lull;
I gently closed the window,
And crushed its' ficking skull.

Ben S.

Do I Really Have...?

Maybe you're all that I want to have
Your gentle kiss and heavenly touch
All fears are gone with you by my side
But I keep on asking, "Are you really the one?"

Anxiousness rules the kingdom of my mind
For I have no clues, no sign
Down beneath the surface, deep within
I asked why did I love and how long it will last?

Question of confusion, path and miseries
Sucking up all the happiness and peace
Do I really have to go on this path?
Which the only thing given back is wrath,

Unreal world continues to deceive me
With all its fallacies, I'm vain
This love maybe just so unfair
For me who does nothing but to care.

In spite all, despite all
I really love a person even though I don't know
The battle continues in the arena of the unfading love
But a question remains; do I really have...?



After a long years.....
Of not seeing you
Of not touching you
As I taught myself….
Not to think of you
Not to love you anymore
Locked within,
glows and englobing memories
Yet huge enough for me
To step out to take my
swelling heart elsewhere
The past, a perfect misfortune
With the gaps you have left
I try to tie them but they
slipped away
And turn into something else
It's good to dream sometimes,
not too much
Or you never know what hits you
Without much thoughts,
with long hurtful reach
As you were remain forever
A broken picture

By Agnes


Insatiable burning deep within,
I try to ignore it once again.

Bothersome need that reminds me I am weak,
I will never find the solace that I seek.

Cravings so strong for things I will regret,
Then I give in and wish to forget.

Raw and untamable beauty thief,
cause of bodily distortion and endless grief.

I am hungry again, terrible, merciless need!
My mind shouts warnings for me to heed.

Hunger, I beg you to be a tame beast,
keep me from indulging in another needless feast!

By Aurora Romero

The Beautiful and The Dead

Thoughts and memories crowd my mind like phantoms in a graveyard and bring to me unrelenting pain.
Echoes of songs sung long ago that were once joyous are now as torturous voices that screech out unheard, in vain.

The past is a dream, lost the moment I awaken and yet I cling and I grasp.
Desperate to hold the things of youth that brought splendor, all that I am now unable to clasp.

Laughs, joy, love and all of the intensity of my young heart that is now void of the carefree,
Heaven intervene! The loss is too great to bear and I crumble inside for what is the beautiful and the dead to me.

By Aurora Romero

My Youth Has A Cancer

My Youth has a cancer,
Bittersweet and sublime,
My youth has a cancer,
it is called Time.

Wisdom granted for each passing year in exchange for my demise,
Wondrous living and marching to my end with no compromise.

How to be happy? How to grasp the grains of sand that age one?
How to be content with the inevitable end when we are forced to be done?

The mirror my cruel witness to what helplessly goes astray.
Bitter taste, heavy heart as I ready to pass Youth's torch away.

I weep for what will cease to be,
I rejoice for all that I was able to see.

My youth has a cancer.

By Aurora Romero

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