My Year Of Thoughts 2010

By Jose Lozano
Another year has come and gone,
and some of us got weak and some of us got strong.
Lifeís lessons came easy for some and hard for others,
but life waits for no one and continues to move on.

Iíve seen sad things happen and happy moments too,
the sad things were definitely harder for me.
But I can truly say, the happy moments came more often,
when you took the time to consider me.

Everyone has done something,
that has affected my life in some way, shape, or form.
Some made me feel like I was left out in the cold,
and some of you helped me weather out the storm.

Some actions made me sad, some actions made me angry,
but most of all, some just made me glad.
To be around you just made my life so interesting,
and with some, it was the most fun I ever had.

Iím glad because you have been there for me,
to learn from your mistakes as much as I learn from mine.
Iím not saying I wonít make the same mistake twice,
but I will try to do much better, as long as I have time.

Iím happy to say that all your companionship, lessons, and advice,
I will keep and cherish as much as I can.
Iím so glad that I was able to laugh, cry, vent, and listen,
in order to help me become a better man.

Some were with me through thick and thin,
and I love you very much for that.
Some were close but have become so distant,
and thereís nothing I can do about that.

Iím grateful for the new faces in my life,
that have been there and treated me as one of their own.
There is nothing more beautiful than finding a bond,
with good people that wonít leave you alone.

Over all Iím happy that youíve shared a part of your life,
I am truly humbled and honored by that.
Opening your heart is not something thatís easy to do,
but some of you did it in no time flat.

No names of people need to be said,
about anyone I talked about here.
If my words were touching they were meant for you,
and I hope you keep and hold them dear.

I wish you all the best in 2011,
and letís hope there's more memorable times to come.
I wish you get paid in tenfold,
for all the love I've received, and the kind things you have done.

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