As Strong As Her

By Jose Lozano
with resilience she stood strong
trying not to topple trying not to fall
she always knew something was wrong
yet stood there showing no sign at all

there was a sadness in her face
that showed how bad she really felt
but the reason she could not trace
as her emotions were still heartfelt

It's always best when she is happy
it's very troublesome when she is sad
saying "are you ok" may sound too sappy
she'll forgive anyone that makes her mad

but when someone shows care for her
and knows how delicate she may be
it's hard for them to not look at her
and admire the person she doesn't see

all I see and know from her
are pictures and words through a glass
I pledge my trust would not deter
reguardless of how much time has passed

but she alone controls her life
keeps everything in order and not undone
to be a mother, a friend and a wife
is always easier said than done

but she'll always be that rock
that everyone expects her to be
being so fortified with no lock
and alluring as a sunset by the sea

with her beauty so incredible
her bright colors and pleasant power
a smell so sweet and unforgettable
like an exquisite Hawaiian flower

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