As You Sleep

By Jose Lozano
What do I need to do,
to keep you in my life.
The fear of losing you,
is causing me much strife.

I think of you night and day,
with endless thoughts of love.
And praying that you will stay,
to the heavens up above.

Dear God,
Thank you for everything,
for making our paths meet.
And I beg that you have nothing,
that will scare her and retreat.

I want her to be mine,
today, tomorrow, and forever.
And I hope that she'll be happy,
for as long as we're together.

The bumps along the road,
I know they're meant to be.
These tests will help us grow,
and help our hearts to see.

So now you don't have to wonder,
what I do when you're asleep.
Cause all I do is think about you
and write you words for you to keep.


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