By Jose Lozano

The light shines bright from the outside,
Through the window by the sea.
But inside it's dark and lonely,
Where there's nothing left for me.
I waited long for you my love,
But you never looked for me.
I stand at bay watching the tides,
Washing off my sandy feet.
Wondering why I didn't see this coming,
Like the sun dispensing heat.
I thought I learned my lesson,
But that was just a big mistake.
Now I suffer with embarrassment,
And pain that's filled with hate.
After all that I have gone through,
Now I know that you don't care.
But I also come to realize,
How much time I have to spare.
I tried my best to keep you,
But never tried to make you stay.
But now that I don't need you,
You keep calling every day.
I wish that things were different,
And my heart could forgive you.
But for me it's not that easy,
To just risk it all for you.
I can't forget the times we had,
And the scars you've given me.
But I thank you for reminding me,
Just how stupid I can be.

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