Because of Him

By Jose Lozano

He steps out of his car, with his heart clenched in his chest.
The drops of sweat come down his brow, as he tries to hold her hand.
He walks closely side by side, listening to everything she says.
But nothing seems to be going right, so all he does is pray.
She turns around and cleans his brow, and tells him it's o.k..
She knows how much he loves her, but she doesn't feel that way.
As she steps back he takes a knee, and looks up at her face.
His hand clenched in his pocket, trembling to pull away.
She doesn't know how to tell him, that she's not the one for him.
It's too late to stop his action, he says "will you marry me?".
Her eyes fill up with tears, as she reacts to what he said.
She says, "I love you very much but I can't lie and say yes."
He stands up and covers his face, with shame he can not shed.
She says I'm sorry that this happened, but you have to understand.
All this time I was with you, I was thinking of another man.
His name is ----, he is your friend, and my feelings I can't command.
We started talking a while back, when we had that awful fight.
He was there when you were angry, and supported me that night.
And ever since that day we met, I dream about him night and day.
So now I'll go to be with him, I'm sorry to tell you this way.
But I can not be your wife, when I'm in love with another man.
He doesn't see that it was fate, that had led her to his arms.
He was a friend but didn't know, that she fell for all his charms.
The shame and anger that he feels, now is much harder to control.
So now she's gone and the diamond ring, in the ocean it will go.

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