Do As You Say

By Jose Lozano
If you say youíre who you say you are, then why do you do the things you do.
We sit here and worship you and ask you for favors for you to do.
But you seem to do the wrong things whenever I ask you.
Almost as if done of purpose to show me I canít live without you.
What is this challenge that everyone says you must have for me?
After all I have done, do you feel itís not enough for thee.
I have sacrificed plenty and given up many things.
Tried not to be selfish or greedy and did all your biddings.
But yet you seem not to listen and enjoy seeing me struggle.
You see me getting hit so hard that Iím starting to see double.
I pick myself up but I donít see you helping me.
I wonder if youíre there waiting for me to see.
That you have all the power and the might,
To cripple me,leave me deaf,and take away my sight.
What have I done thatís so wrong for me to never find you?
Iím so confused and so lost and I donít understand you.
I donít ask for you to look after or take care of me.
Just take care of the ones that are close and dear to me.
Donít let them suffer or go through any pain.
For them to be healthy, and happy without disdain.
But even that goes on deaf ears and just plain ignore.
Leaving me with nothing but mixed feelings to explore.
I pray to you that you come back and give me just one clue.
That you listen and appreciate everything Iíve done for you.
Until then Iíll continue to think and never forget.
That you do things for no reason, without guilt and no regret.

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