By Jose Lozano

As I wake up to the bird calls
And the smell of ocean water
I can see your silouhette
Through the curtains on the door
As I stretch and smile I realize
Just how lucky I must be
To be married to a woman
Who loves no one else but me
As her hair blows in the wind
As if planning it with grace
I can smell her sweet soft odor
On the sheets and pillow case
Now my tears of joy start flowing
And my weeps are somber still
As you feel my growing happiness
That no ocean depths can fill
We are two becoming one
And there's nothing left to change
To be honest and be truthful
Without ever feeling strange
You're my wife now and forever
And I know that God blessed me
With the beauty that's inside you
I know I don't deserve thee
These few words are merely windows
To my soul that I hold true
But there's nothing in this universe
To show just how much I Love you
Now the ocean roars with anger
For what you have done for me
But the wind, fire, and the rain
All approve of what I did

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