Hidden Love

By Jose Lozano


What else can I say,
I have no words today.
To try and make you see,
How much I love you..
I try to stay away,
But my heart tells me to stay,
Even though you say,
Your love for me is gone.
Men will come and go,
But I'm left out in the cold.
As I see how none of them will care for you.
No I have no words to say,
To make you see that it's o.k..
But I'll still be here,
To catch you when you fall.
You're the one that left me here,
And that reason isn't clear.
But I hope that maybe someday you will know.
That I was always there for you.
Even though my heart bled through.
As you turned your back on me,
And went with him.
I will always wait for you.
Till my life on earth is through.
And my tomb stone will say
(her name) I Love You.

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