I'm Sorry

By Jose Lozano

The sun light starts to weaken
As the clouds begin to cover
You still haven't called me yet
And it really starts to bother
I have not heard your sweet voice
Cautioning to get there safely
But now I'm the one that worries
As I hope you're at work safely
I start to think of the things that we have done
The going to movies and going to have fun
I wish I knew just where you were
So that I could be there with you
But instead I'm just at home
Knowing now how much I miss you
Your truthful laugh your sweet warm smile
The way you dress with such great style
I hate myself for hurting you
I hate myself for making you cry
I hate myself more than anyone
Because I hurt you more and I don't try
The things I do you don't deserve
That much I do know
I hope that you're heart knows to forgive
For I would die if you let me go
I try my best I really do
But sometimes I act so dumb
And the one that gets hurt is you
And with remorse I have to run
Now the morning comes as night is done
And not a voice or note has arrived
I pray to god that you are safe
So I will try my best once again
I'm Sorry

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