If I Could Be You

By Jose Lozano
What I wouldn't give to you,
to be where you are today.
With all the blessings in life,
that have come along your way.
You have a place that you call home,
kids and a beautiful wife too.
But you still complain of problems,
that are just too tough for you.
I see you there enjoying life,
knowing that she's always there.
But you take too much for granted,
that you have someone who cares.
I sit alone in sorrow,
with this bottle by my side.
Taking drinks as punishment,
for the love I have inside.
Love that's gone to waste,
because she never came along.
Waiting for forgiveness,
from the God that's done me wrong.
I envy all the things you have,
even though you do not see.
For that I'll always suffer,
with the sins I have in me.
So the next time you complain,
and don't feel like staying home.
Just remember I'm the one,
who envies you and drinks alone.

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