My Only Option

By Jose Lozano
It's difficult to understand
why my life changes this way.
But the many obstacles among me
makes me tired more each day.
Confusion and disillusion
is what's haunting me tonight.
Cause I wanted to believe you
and to prove me wrong not right.
To think that you know someone
so sure you'd bet your life.
When I met you a few years ago
I just knew you'd be my wife.
Then I found out all the lies
and it tears my thoughts apart.
To find out these things about you
that just starts to break my heart.
The confusion came so fast
because I didn't want to see.
That the person that I thought you were
is not the one in front of me.
But the proof is just too strong
that I knew you weren't the one.
So the love that I still have for you
is what's making me do wrong.
I tried hard to forgive you
cause I love you so dam much.
Like the fire in my heart
that's so hot I just can't touch.
So in order to forget you
there is something I must do.
I have this bullet with my name on it
and the other one's for you.


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