The Crying Rose

By Jose Lozano

Not a day goes by that I don't sleep
Without dreaming about you
Then I wake up with a cold sweat
Wishing none of this was true
But the consciousness I soon regain
As thoughts run through my mind
That my dreams, are like roses
Simply nothing of the kind
But if a rose did bloom out there
Like your Love had done for me
Then the rose would surely die alone
Because that I didn't see
I tried to make you understand
How our Love was meant to be
But without the words, I couldn't say
Before time ran out for me
It's up to you, I said it plenty
But you didn't want to hear
Was the pressure just to much for you
Or was his Love just really clear
Loneliness is not an option
When your Loved one goes away
But at least with being lonely
No one wipes your tears away

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