The Fight Within

By Jose Lozano
Confusion turns to sadness,
when you can't find what you want.
The sinking feeling no one can see,
the suffering in your soul will haunt.

Alone, So Alone,
as you fight the good fight.
But this fight is all inside you,
just like darkness versus light.

Is this the way to find the answer,
as a solution for you is clear.
To save the love and kindness in your heart,
or to make your evil side appear.

When will the answers come,
no amount of prayer will suffice.
When desperation and sadness succumbs,
that's when you make the sacrifice.

You do what you can to make things right,
and fight for all that's good.
But when you are put down and set aside,
it's hard to stand where you once stood.

I feel the cold that's in my veins,
but I refuse to set them free.
For a good person does nothing wrong,
but then again how could this be.

I suffer now through out my life,
with this pain that's taken me.
Everyone trying to plot against me,
or is my mind deceiving me.

The day will come I only hope,
when the truth will set me free.
But I know that day will come,
when my life ends here for me.

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