The Last Time

By Jose Lozano
"Take another drink! I'm sure that'll help!"

Was the last thing that she said
As he swung around and smacked her
With his backhand on her face

Falling sideways she could see
There was nothing to be said
As the blood started to trickle
when the counter hit her head.

Her face full of tears
and heart full of anger
She wasn't sure what she should do.

"you think I don't love you!"
"you think I don't care!"
"Go on, and get out of here then!"
As he kicked her down the stairs.

Her face beaten,her bones aching
she didn't have the strength to move
But her heart filled with conviction
told her she had something here to prove.

So she packed her things and off she went,
with her kids stuck to her side.
And the fear of what would happen
when he knew she'd left his side.

5 years later they met again,
At the mall across the way
With her kids at the food court
he spotted her that day

He walked up to her full of anger,
she froze stiff like a deer.
As he clenched his fists so tight he yelled
"what the hell you doing here!"

She couldn't speak her words were mute
as a tear came down her cheek
Then another voice from behind her said
"what's your problem… you fucking freak"

“None of your business, or your concern
this is between me and her”
You see she's was once my wife and then she left
and now I finally found her

She took my kids without me knowing
and never told me where she was
And now I find her eating here
acting like I never was.

The other man came up to him
And spoke loud for him to hear
“I don't care who you are
Stay away from her, am I making myself clear”

She's with me now and I don't care
If she's no longer by your side,
I know you treated her like shit
ever since she was your bride

So if you see her sitting there
acting like you never were
That's because she's happy now
and forgot how mean you were

Now if you have a problem with her
Then your problem is with me
That woman there you called your wife
is now happy as can be

She no longer gets a beating
or gets yelled at with profanity
I'm the one that makes her happy
and provides her with security

So you can stand there and be angry
try to do something if you can
Or you can walk away forever
And accept you lost her like a man

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