The Life That Never Was

By Jose Lozano

Dedicated to my friend Rosalie who asked me to write something new
because she likes to read my poems.

The lonely man sits and drinks his coffee,
On his old and squeaky rocking chair.
As the water hits the pier with anger,
And he sees her waiting there.
He thinks back and realizes,
How he lost the life that never was.

He sits and listens for her voice,
But he's all alone and she's not there.
He never thought that this would happen,
Thought that he would always have her near.
Now there's no one to help him now,
So he sits alone and cries in fear.
No one there to call his own,
No one there, he's all alone.
Now these empty walls are all that's left,
Of all those memories he once called home

All his dreams gone in the blink of an eye.
She never was with him, never by his side.
Nothing but illusions,
He had buried deep inside.

He walks the beach alone, thinking she was there.
The cold beach water rises over his feet,
But he keeps on walking without a care.
Thinking she might come and rescue him,
From this life that feels like Hell.
If he only had done it when he had the chance.
Now it's too late and she's gone.
As he sits in his chair to remember,
Something that was never there.

Old and wrinkled,
Regretting the chances lost,
And admiring with despair.
He'll die alone with no one home,
Realizing now how life short really was.
The cup falls from his hand as he passes on,
Wanting another chance to a life that never was.

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