The Talk

By Jose Lozano

Walking in the rain
With a full moon by my side
Thank the raindrop soaking weather
For protecting while I cry
I will never be the man
That you wanted me to be
So I guess I'll look for someone
Who wants no one else but me
The street covered with puddles
Just splashing at my feet
While I listen to my music
And just wander through the street
The decisions I have made
Have not been that wise for me
And at the time you had to choose
You chose him instead of me
I pray to find another
To soothe my wounded soul
To show me Love and Tenderness
To help my heart to grow
As I look up at the sky
To ask for some forgiveness
It all just cracks and roars
And the rain comes down with quickness
I don't blame this on you Lord
For a plan I know you have
But I can't just keep on doing this
Knowing failure is in my path
As they come and go less often
The pain keeps getting deeper
So please hurry and just save me
Cause my heart keeps getting weaker
If alone is how you want me
Then alone I have to stay
But why did you let me meet her
If you knew she'd go away
Was this test for me or her
Then the rain turned into hail
Then the test was unsuccessful
Cause you know that she did fail

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