The Vanquished Warrior

By Jose Lozano
Alone, so alone that he roamed from place to place,
and soon he will be gone so no one else can take his place.

The demons inside were just too much to hide,
drinking whiskey to calm them down inside.

Knowing he's no better than anyone else here,
he lives his life with no one to hold dear.

The pain is not withstanding that he cries at night alone,
hoping the dreams would go away of the love he's never known.

With misery at his side he pretends nothing is wrong,
but the pain that eats him up has him suffering too long.

Into the depths he will have to go with no one by his side,
no one there to help him with the grief that burns inside.

That nice clean piece of steel will work just like no other,
but he wonders if his actions will cause anyone to bother.

A vanquished warrior he has given in to the pain,
to end it all he will choose for a woman with no name.

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