The Woman Across The Way

By Jose Lozano
He sat in the chair admiring her beauty.
As she browsed in the bookstore across the way.

Her cheeks pink like roses, her skin white as milk.
Her scent of spring flowers, with hair smooth as silk.

All those things so addicting, so much tension it built.
But today was the day, he would be without guilt.

She paid him no mind, as her plans had been set.
She just didnt quite know, he was cheating just yet.

But the hope she once had, was much stronger yet still.
Falling blindly for his lies, his charm, and his will.

She'd been with him for years, but never saw what hed done.
For the man she was with, met someone else and was gone.

He never had the courage, due to chivalry and fear.
To make her see the truth, of the man she held dear.

But today was the day, he would be without guilt.
For the tension was growing, from the love he had built.

As of now shes alone, and he had to decide.
But to try to get closer, was to commit suicide.

If she rejected his calling, for a small coffee break.
He would be broken hearted, but this chance he must take.

He approached her and said hello, how are you.
Thinking its been only two days, but Ive really missed you.

She replied with a smile Im just fine, so how have you been.
Thinking "I've been waiting for you, ever since I walked in."

"Would you like to go with me, and have some coffee or tea?"
As his palms started sweating thinking "how could this be?"

She said yes and walked over, to the place across the way .
As it dawned on him now, his intentions were underway.

They sat and talked for hours, until the sun shined the moon.
She said I have to go home now, but I know well talk soon.

They both got up, he held her hand, but he didnt want to go.
She was the one, he knew it now, he just wanted her to know.

She leaned over for a hug and a kiss, that filled his heart with such delight.
Holding her tight she whispered dont worry, I will never leave your sight.


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