Too Late

By Jose Lozano

It's too late but I just realized,
how my life has passed me by.
And of all the things I missed,
just because I didn't try.
If I ever would have given you,
the chance to be with me.
I never would have suffered,
through this hate and jealousy.
We had a wonderful romance,
but I left and turned away.
Because I didn't realize,
that you really meant to stay.
I'm sorry if I hurt you,
and I know that I did too.
But your Love is come and gone,
and mine is still with you.
I was afraid I know that now,
and still it is too late.
You're all ready to be married,
and you say it is your fate.
It's good for you that you have him,
to hug, kiss, and caress.
To keep you warm and safe at night,
and save you from distress.
So now I have to suffer,
I give all my best to you.
Because now it is too late,
to show how much I love you.

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