Unfriendly Flaws

By Jose Lozano
Listening to music, thinking about what to write
Trying to express my feelings on paper
So you can see things in a new light.

I donít know what it is about you
That you donít see things the way I do
So now I keep it hidden for fear I might offend you

But you just see things from a narrow view
I explain to you how hard things are for me
But you donít believe what I say is true

So Iím sorry if I burden you in this way
And make you listen to my mixed up thoughts
Itís just canít figure out what words to say.

I tried to keep you with a clear and open mind
But you ignore my point of view
To be honest thatís rude and not very kind

The more I get to know you and I get to see your flaws
I start to think about how you really are
But I know Instead of saying I just need to stop and pause

Good friends are hard to come by, that, for sure I know
But we all have our secrets to keep hidden
That when discovered, itís hard for even a friend to ignore.

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