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Poems and Stories Submitted To The Site

Valentine's Day Poem

You're the sun in the morning, the moon in the night.
Every little think about you feels just right.
You're the reason for my haste at the end fo the day
My private spring season though winter holds sway.

Your kiss makes me linger, your smile makes me sing.
The touch of your soul gives my heart wings.
When you are beside me, I'm still dreaming of you.
Knowing I've found a love that is true.

You're a bright star in my sky at mid-after noon.
The reason the cow done jumped over the moon.
When I climb on through your windowy eyes.
You shush all question of wheres, whats and whys.

So this, our second act in a valentine's play,
Still going strong, hope you don't mind if I stay.
Please take all my heart, sweet Q-boo-P-do
For the rest of my years I want to love only you.


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Untitled Poem 01

After a long years.....
Of not seeing you
Of not touching you
As I taught myself….
Not to think of you
Not to love you anymore
Locked within,
glows and englobing memories
Yet huge enough for me
To step out to take my
swelling heart elsewhere
The past, a perfect misfortune
With the gaps you have left
I try to tie them but they
slipped away
And turn into something else
It's good to dream sometimes,
not too much
Or you never know what hits you
Without much thoughts,
with long hurtful reach
As you were remain forever
A broken picture

By Agnes

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This Life Isn't For Me

I get desperate,
I want to run and hide.
Nobody to see me,
How bad I feel inside.

My doctor of course calls it depression,
My husband says it's just me.
But the feelings and my thoughts,
nobody would be able to see.

Sometimes I believe him,
Could this really be me?
Am I going crazy?
This life isn't for me.

Some say Im crazy,
Some say Im just weird.
It's like a different person
Came over me and the old me
Just disappeared.

I get this strange feeling,
Down deep inside.
Im scared,
Iwant to go hide.

My family needs me,
This I can see.
How can I tell them?
This just isn't me.

Someone please help me!
I wish it would just go away
And maybe if I pray real hard
My symptoms will just go away


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It's you I got to thank,
for you're the one who understands.

When I think of our friendship,
it's you who I see.

Where words can't describe,
how much you mean to me.

In the darkness I've been,
and nobody to see.

Its you who I want,
I got to believe.

Please try and find me,
its getting harder to breathe.

I need you more now,
Can you feel the breeze?

These crazy emotions,
lead to my pain and silent cries.

An empty voice replaces,
how I feel inside.

Growing sadder and sadder,
Will I ever subside?

At any moment,
I get desperate.

How can I do this?
I can't take it.

Ive been unseen and unheard,
depressed and weak.

For to many days,
and to many weeks.

I cant get out,
I am screaming!

Are you there?
Why can't you hear me?


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Its another day
another year
and this pain
is still here

I dont know what to do
I think and I think
What should I do?

Im still scared and
I still want to go hide
I want nobody to know
exactly how I feel inside

When will my day come?

I wish and I pray
but nobody see how much
I hate...

I wish upon a star
and maybe all this will fall,
Like wishing upon a falling star

I pray to the lord
every day and every night
I know that in his time
I will be all right

Im still here,
waiting and waiting
till my day comes
and as ugly as it sounds

When are you going to help
this lonely soul over come?

I love you my lord
I really do...

So please dont forget about me
Im still here,
waiting for you

All I am asking for is:

When will my day come?


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I prayed for you every
night for 28 days
and to my disbelief
it was you
at my dismay

He understood me,
How I needed you so...
I continue to pray for you
because I still need
to heal my soul

I still believe in you
even though you
see me as a
lost cause

He sent you to me
this I know
I was falling
but you caught me
before I let go

Oh! How I've missed you so...
My heart couldn't be controlled

Its you who seem to understand me
Even when my friends tell me,
"You are loosing control!"

I wish you were here
sitting by my side
hearing you laugh,
seeing you smile...

Understanding me,
Why I had to go to trial

I still pray for you
every day
every night

I'm so scared
he will take
you away,
I still need you
don't be afraid.


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I would like to run far away from you
but no matter what you do
You still linger in my thoughts,
afraid of losing you

You are driving me crazy
each step that I take
but this chains you wrapped
around me, just don't want to break

Somehow it seems that my
life wasn't complete...
Everything will change
by one blink

All those nights while
I'm praying,
you just seem to fade in black
pushing me so far away
wishing you didn't come back

The truth is,
that you and I should be
done pretending.
The friendship has never
been the same

Everything will change...

I have nothing more to give
when all I got is this:

A lost soul in despair,
wishing for that one friend,
that will always be there

After all my effort
and all the drinks I've had,
I still come to one conclusion

You're not the Angel
I thought I had....


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I Canít Stop But Think Of You

There's a few things I need to say
before I go astray,
I know it hasn't been the same
but this is what I go to say:

I believed in him......
I believed in you......

I didn't want to hurt
but here I do

I cant stop but think of you!

Smiles from afar,
Crying beneath my soul,
Someone I cant forget,
not knowing how to let go

Countless days not knowing
but so you,
Restless nights of how I wish
it wasn't true

So much time in your hands
but none to give to me
I needed you so bad
Reaching out to you,
"How sad!"

Desperate and dishonorable
of that one friend that
I will never have

While distance separate us
A simple phone call will refrain,
of the simple memories
we just never had


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How can you do this to me?
You're hurting me

How can you answer her every word?
And leave me in the cold

I could feel your breath but your slipping away...

Its been a while,
since I haven't been the same

My heart skips a beat
every time I think of you
You just sit there
with my heart in your hands
Laughing out loud,
I could hear you from afar

I swore I would always be there
but how can I,
when all you do is
put me through hell

Aren't you embarrassed?
of the person you are

You say it over and over
You'll be there for me
but your not

Why do you give me your excuses?
Don't you know;
I already know who you are

When you look for me
its for your benefit
not mine

What you tell me,
I already know it,
I feel it all inside

And all you see is my pain and agony
Sad of the person Ive become

Still waiting for you
but in your memory
I wont exist


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Petals In The Wind

Sitting here in the dark
waiting for the rose to bloom
A sunray strikes my rose
blinding me, as I stroke a pose

Learning from what I could see
A wind blows through my hair
as a petal falls to the ground
I try to grasp, what isn't there

Dying from beneath the winds
Crying for what I cant be
A spell is bound to kill us all
When all I have is petals
above us all


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You Are My Drug

Its funny how it feels
There is something wrong
Its so unreal
I try and try to let you go
When there's nothing
there to heal

I sit here and wonder why
But the aches i feel i want
Darkness show nothing but
a mackerel sky;
A nightmare of nothing
But a haunt

The days just go by
And I know I need to fall
Tied and bonded ready to sublime
And crawl to what isn't mine

When darkness comes
All I see is you
When daylight comes
All I need is you

My heart skips a beat
When I think of you
I mourn and I cry
just for you

I feel that I still need you
But you just left my side
I try to hold you back
But I'm still holding on to tight

Letting you know that
I'm still attempting
to stop
I cant find a way to
Let you know that I
Just cant stop

Giving you everything
I just don't have
But I find a way
Just to get you back

I know I can't even
handle myself
but your smile
and your laughs
bring me right back

A day passes by and
It starts all over again

Its so sad when you know
You are addicted to this so sad

And there's nothing you can do
Because I just cant let go of you

I still need you.....
And want what I cant have

You're my pain
Of my laughs
The Origin
Of my wonder

There's nothing more I want,
But yet I ponder


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What It Feels Like To Be Me

I met somebody today
he was nothing but a gentlemen

As he stood there
in the shadows
of the dark

Trying to see
his face
from a distance
but a glimpse
is what I saw

Standing up straight
heel to heel
arms by his side

As he spoke to me:
"You really want to know
what it feels like to be me?"

I heard his voice, it couldn't be?

I couldn't understand,
what this could lead...

As I looked down
at my feet
My heart beating
100 times a beat...

"Try being a person trained to kill
and follow order to the T
but not live in that world anymore"

A tear rolled down my face
hurting so much I couldn't
stand up straight

"A person that ran 3 miles
under 18 minutes
and could shoot
a head at 500 yards"

I fell to my knees
begging him....

Please don't leave me here!!!

"Open sighted but cant walk down my steps"

As my tears fell to the ground but couldn't bare
to look at him now.....

Eyes blood shot red,
shaking from toe to head...

Couldn't help but wonder,
What goes through his head?

I had to tell him....

I prayed for you each and every day

I gave you a halo and some wings
but to my disbelief,

Its you who needed him,
more than me.


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A Little Late

In darkness I come
Slithering through your mind
What you think its undone
But I'm here to hurt you
Till I'm done

a little late...

I don't think so
you're there to ignore me

Think twice...

Because I'm here to destroy you
You're nothing to me

Turn your back at me
I don't care...
A teardrop means nothing
So who cares...

Why do I still question you?
You only promised to always be there...

But you dishonor my soul...

The truth is, I do care...

"Fuck Off!"

Did I hear you right?

"You're an asshole"

If I could...
I would send you to hell!!!

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As The Door Closes Behind Me

Its 3am and I still cant sleep
Laying down with no knowledge of
what you think...

Although I think its best for both of us
You didn't bother to say just one word
about us...

You didn't believe
You didn't respond

I left you
If not for me
but for the
Grace of you

I still write to you
I still think of you
I still believe in you

Wishing you would come back to me,
A little to hard for the kind of person
you were to me...

Giving you all I have
Always till the day I die
Recapturing the good times that
we had
Yearning for those days never to pass
me by...

Looking at everything we lost
Everything you said is what I have
within me
Even if I had nothing more to give...

Me and you weren't meant to be
Ending the friendship that couldn't be
Learning from my mistakes
Venting to my friends because it kills
me to see you this way
I still believe in you but there's
Nothing I can do...

So I still will pray for you
Every day and every night
Till the day I die...
As the doors close behind me.

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If You Are Not Willing

Life is how it comes
No predicaments
No explanations
No alternatives

Life it's what makes the world go round
You either take it as it comes or play with it if you

A man gives nothing but a hint of an outcome
A girl takes it and brings it to life

Don't interact with predicaments,
if you are not willing to take them

Don't give explanations,
if you're not willing to accept them

Don't give alternatives,
if you are not willing to follow them

Life can be as wonderful as you want it to be,
So why play games?

If you are not willing....

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Without You I Would Be Lost

When I think of a friendc
Its you who I think of...

There's nobody else who knows more
that I could think of...

We've gone through so much
I could write a book of...

But nobody knows its about you and me
And then we read them...

Chances are zero to none


We don't talk like we use to
We don't hang out like we did

But you're always there when
I need you...

You always make me laugh
when I'm feeling down...
You always make me cry
when I need to...

You don't know how much you mean to
me because I never thought I would
need to...

Today is the day that you know:

You mean everything to me
You are my friend
You are my best friend
You are my blood
But most of all
You are my everything

Never question what you mean to me

Its me who wonders why you're still

I know I'm not there for you
I know I'm not the shoulder you cry on
I know I haven't been the best friend
you can count on

But I'm glad you haven't left me...

Without you I would be lost...

Trying to find my way back
in this world.

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Why So Paranoid?

Donít be foolish and respond
To something that wasnít done
Nothing happened
So whatís your problem?
Calm down and fix the problem.

Donít be scared
I donít bite
Donít play with me
Because I just might

Donít put up a front
You know you want me
Donít start the fire and
Expect not to be desired

I want to see you so bad
I want to know how youíll react
I want to see what isnít there
I want to see, what you see

I just want to be meÖ..

So stop playing games
Because at the end
Nobody will be there
To return your desires.

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The Unknown

Laying face down arms stretched apart
Held down by a mysterious force
Blind folded and nothing to see
Uncontrolled emotions,
of what it could be...

The wings of an Angel?
The Shadows of the dark?

Teeth grinding...
The smell of paradise..
Nails scratching...
The mist of eternal life...
A spell binding...
An eternity of hope...

The tree branches hoovering over me
I can feel the breeze of the unknown
And the silence of the person who
dont understand a word...

Save me now my lord,
I am falling into the unknown!
by Saphire

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Fading Away

I see all the blood on the floor
I looked at my wrist
it wont stop bleeding
I cant see my hand
They are fading away
My life flashes by
All I want you to remember
Is that I love you
I hope you are happy
with me...
by Saphire

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Untitled Poem 02

The blade is in my pocket
As I sit alone and cry
I get the blade and cut my wrist
And I know it will again...
It leaves me broken on the floor
As it always had before
Your sympathy is not there,
and nobody seems to care
My blood soaks all around me,
as you slowly watch me drown
Youll watch me slowly drift away
Wishing I could stay
Deeper and deeper,
the blade will go
As my blood will finally loose its flow
Ill die here right before your feet,
as you watch my heart
beat its last beat...
The End, Dont have a title for this one
by Saphire

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Don't Say A Word

Submitted 09-01-2010

Don't say a word
I know that I'm not

We've all gone through it
I'm sure we have...
Some kept it hidden
And some have not...

I perhaps felt it
More than you thought
I told you,"I wouldn't feel different"
But your right on the dot

When I see you,
and I'm sure I will
I hope you know,
It was just a thrill

Next time when you play your games
Choose them wisely...
Because I'm not the one who can
Improvise with that wisely...

So, next time...

Don't tell me you can,
When your not
Don't tell me what I want to hear
And then turn around and be sincere

Of course I want you:
Look at your smile, it just melts
me away
The way you laugh, puts a smile
on my face
The words you say, I just
cant escape
But most of all its...
The way you sigh that captures my
most intimate state

Next time don't say a word...

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How Stupid Can One Be?

Submitted 09-04-2010

I thought about you and what can be
but just as I thought,
It was me who couldn't be

I saw you standing there
starring back at me
with your love at your side
As happy as anyone can be

How stupid can one be?

Everyone can see it but me
How in love you have to be

I wish I never set eyes on you
for you lighted my fire...
How can I forget
for you inspire my desire...

I hate myself for feeling the way I do
I hate myself for thinking of being with you
I hate myself for letting it be true

I leave you alone today
for now I know its true

You are in love
and there is nothing I can do

All I have left is what couldn't be,
For I am the one who hates to be me

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Submitted 09-08-2010

I stood there confused and wondered if your words were true..
In the dark, in front of you, it finally hit me..
no words need to be spoken
Do you feel my agony, my despair?

Your lips tell me to go on without you,
Your eyes tell me there won't be another like you..
I'm torn inside, I see it all, but I'm blind to everything..

So special what we shared, how fast you've forgotten.
The ever so sweetness of it all, so unpretentious .. yet mystifying altogether.
Why must I move on without you.. because that's how you want it?

My words were so sincere and spoken from the heart..
maybe I revealed myself too much and that's what made you part..

Am I that dispensable, am I that easily forgotten? I speak with you and pretend I'm fine,
but only my shadow knows how it feels inside, and all the special times that I wont remorse..

I still feel your delicate touch on my skin and your sweet breath on my neck..
the way our glance came together as one and twined till no end..

I still look into your eyes and I see that person that makes my heart sing,
the person no one else knows but me..

So as I stand here bewildered and with my heart in my hand,
I look down at my lonely shadow and ask.. "why?"

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Because Of You

Submitted 09-08-2010

Because of you
I allowed myself to feel
Because of you
I behaved as bad as anyone can, and still
Because of you
I chased you because of a thrill
Because of you
I devoted my intention over your spill
Because of you
I eased my pain for it was real
Because of you
I find myself confused, no big deal
Because of you
I gave you everything that I can reveal
Because of you
I had to let go but don't squeal
Because of you
I played your games for just your thrills
Because of you
I justify myself, escaping what isn't real
Because of you
I kindled my desire, it was just ideal
Because of you
I learned to play to fulfill
Because of you
I mesmerized what isn't real
Because of you
I neither want to see or hear you on my free will
Because of you
I orientate what I did and fell downhill
Because of you
I played your games and got dressed to kill
Because of you
I question the whole thing, I was nothing but the third wheel
Because of you
I remember what couldn't be fulfilled
Because of you
I still think of you, I just couldn't be, so unreal
Because of you
I try not to... you hold the key
Because of you
I underestimate you to a degree
Because of you
I vow not to listen and disbelief
Because of you
I wonder what you thought of and I grief
Because of you
I x-terminate what we never had and will isolate myself for your just a thief
Because of you
I yearn for your touch, hunger for to strike
Because of you
I zip my mouth for you started it all but I get what your thrive
Because of you...
I have no understanding what games you set out to seek for real.

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As You Pass Me By

Submitted 09-09-2010

I found the key to the door,
that closed the doors behind me
I fell to the ground
as tears roll down my face
Scared to believe
I might see you again

I looked up and it couldn't believe
It was you standing there in front of me
As I looked up and your word just said,

"Leave me alone, don't you understand?"

Its obvious that I don't,
Please tell me your not letting me go...

I fought so hard to keep you in my life
Cant you see I still need you and
I would die without you
Please don't....

Cant you see it in my eyes?
I love you with all my heart
Cant you feel my heart?
It skips because we are apart

As I looked up
I saw you there,
not looking at me
but walking away

I screamed and shouted out your name
Please don't leave!
I need you, cant you see?

But you kept walking...

Standing straight
hands to your side
heel to heel

As you passed by me and said....

"As much as you try to keep me as a friend, am I really who should be your friend?"

I looked up and said,"Surely you know
that I care to much and as far as I can see,
you're the friend that I want and will accept
all your goods as well as your faults, I am here for you."

I saw you standing there
I couldn't believe,
You knew exactly what I felt
When a tear roll down your face

"I had a dream about you and just had to tell you,
my attitude is not your fault."

You turned around and walked away
You left me in the ground
crying for I thought there was nothing wrong

On my knees I begged you not to go
My hands reaching out to you and you just let me go

"It sadens me what you are going through
I don't know how that feels
and hate that your going though that..."

But you didn't hear a word I said,
for now you know I was dead.

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Untitled Poem 03

Submitted 09-09-2010

You have everything
looks,a smile, a definite desire, inspiration
and boy are you so contagious...

Don't think it was a game
I'm sure you felt the same
me kissing you, caressing your body
wanting it so badly...

A desire growing more and more each day
feeling your body against mine
Wishing it would happened this time

But in your kiss I feel your passion
when I looked into your eyes I find myself
with compassion...

Why try to deny it, you know you still want me
You're going to burn out the desire
You'll see you are playing with fire

Sweetie, why not try it?

I have to hand it to you,
your something else
but I find myself staying
to be your lover forever
If you could just give me a chance
and we can grow our desires together

Its hard to turn out the fire
I feel you with me and I start to perspire
So many lovers games Id like to play with you
but in one hand there is no reason why its wrong

And in another hand
there is someone,
that wouldn't understand
I could stay and be your loving one
but there's a reason why I cant

Lets just pretend we never met
Although you know we both felt the same desire

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Untitled Poem 04

Submitted 09-13-2010

I cant believe what I see,
I didn't see that coming
but I didn't see you listening

I heard you the first time
and the second time
as well...

Seriously, did you have to do that?
I'm at what the fuck right now...

You started it all, I just continued
where you left off...

If you didn't like it,
Why did you even answered at all?

Think about it...
How do you want me to feel?

I hate what your doing...
I hate what you've done...

Don't think I don't know it
But it comes to you
when you don't show it

Next time I will know,
It wasn't for me

As for now, you can kiss my ass,
Sayonara Baby....

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What A Perfect Wish

Submitted 09-14-2010

I need to see you and explain why,
I can't behave...

If you knew what I saw, I think
you'll see exactly what I mean

"Its you I need to see"
Just be brave...

I want to hold your hands
and press your body against mine
without making a scene

While I'm whispering in your ear,
all the things you want to hear
And a promise I will behave...

I will kiss you down your neck,
leading to your perfect lips
entwined and serene

Must I say, what a perfect wish...

When I look up, in your eyes I see
you wanting more with every
kiss I give...

With no remorse
Just you and me and nothing more

Just let me be...
Why hold back?
Its something that was meant to be

I know you want me as much
as I want you...

"Go with the flow",
Is what I once heard...

Why not try it?
And give what was set out on the go

While your head is telling you no
and your body saying yes...

Why fight the feeling?
if its all there...

Don't close your eyes
and let the time pass you by

You'll see, that I am right.

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I Still Need Him And I Plead

Submitted 09-14-2010

If I could, I would take it all back
I need you more now than I had

If I could take back, what I had
I would in a heart beat,

Is that bad?

I continue to pray for you
Each day and Every night

Hoping one day
God will hear what I pray...

Heavenly father please hear my prayers:

As I lay here with tears in my eyes
the pain in my heart
and my thrieve in your hands

I cant help but wonder,if your still listening
to my sorrows...

I get down on my knees
begging you please
Don't let him go, I feel his breeze...

Lord, I know you could hear me:

I still can't sleep...
I still can't eat...
I still can't be me...

I dont understand,
Why he left me, I cant...

I told him not to be afraid
But he still left anyway...

I dont understand...

Why are you doing this to me?
Please lord, Dont take him from me!

I will continue to pray for him
and maybe one day

You will see,
How much I still need him for me...I plead

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Untitled Poem 05

Submitted 09-15-2010

I cant understand
Why do I feel this way?

When I wake up,
I look for you right away

I know your not there
Why would you anyway?

If you don't care
What I have to say by the way

I'm going to make a promise
A promise to myself...

That when the next day comes
I wont be there!

I will be surprised,
If you look for me, if you dare

I wont be there for you
but instead...

I will be thinking of you:

I will still see your smile and it brightens my day
I will still see your eyes and it delights the day

I will feel your kiss on my cheek
I will feel you embrace me so to speak

Until the day we see each other again:

My eyes will smile your way
My smile will sure give it away

My heart will skip a thousand beats
Until the day we meet between the sheets

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Untitled Poem 06

Submitted 09-16-2010

Judging from afar
On his way he came
Sending me an Angel
Even with my pain

He knows my fears
He knows my tears
He knows everything that
nobody wants to hear

He did not judge me
He did not care
He saw me for who I was
and didn't bother to ask
who I was...

Never knew a day will come
when I will find a friend
that will help me over come...

He says all the things I need to hear
He says all the things when I need to cry
He says all the things to make me laugh

He tries to understand and
I know its hard at times...

When I tell him what is wrong
he keeps me smiling all along
He tells me one day,
all of this will fade away...

Until that day
I'm proud to say
"He is my friend!"
and I will not trade
him in any way...

On this day, I believe...
God sent me an Angel my way!

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Never Judge A Book By It's Cover

Submitted 09-17-2010

Isn't it weird when you think
everything is falling into place...
But its not

You think you know them
just like a book...
But you don't

They tell you things
you wouldn't think you'll hear...
But you do

It hurts so much and
There is nothing you can do...
But do they care?

You think of not drinking tonight
because of them...
But you do

I hate this even more,
than anybody will ever know...
But you think

Life does go on
with or without you...
But I'm here

Living this life that I hate
to live in...
But I'm still here

I wonder what they think
of me?
But I do

I heard and saw everything
I could...
But I'm still here

I'm so moody and crazy?
You think?
But I heard

So when I say something
watch my mouth...
And I will

Don't worry about it...
And I will

"Take Care of Yourself",
you say
And I will

So next time when your
judging someone, be careful
what you say...
I don't think its worth hurting
someones feelings and then
get away with it...
But you will

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You Will Never Understand

Submitted 09-22-2010

I came to you
with a great big smile
Thinking that you
would never hurt
me in any shape
or style

If I knew that this would be
I would change everything how
it use to be

I thought our friendship
was beyond our expectations
Because I thought I had
an Angel in my inspirations

You slipped away
from my hands
I didn't even
have a chance

Not understanding what had happened:

My smile turned to a frown
My lips quiver as I feel something
in my face;
A tear of sadness of my disgrace

I gave you everything I had:
My heart and soul was put in your hands

Although you will never understand
You hurt me so much I couldn't
with stand all the pain you caused
me in one hand...

I do not know who else to turn to,
for you were my last chance...

If and when i fall I hope and pray
someone will be there for me,
in the other side...

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Untitled Poem 07

Submitted 09-22-2010

Life is an overzealous child
And us it's toy
A chip here and a crack there
Our guts protude from lack of care
Tossed aside when we tire
No longer shiney or can inspire
It happens to all of us
Man..woman...girl...or boy
For Life is an overzealous child
And us just it's toy.
-author unknown

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I Will Not Tell My Daughter Fairy Tales

Submitted 09-23-2010

I will not tell my daughter fairy tales
About Knights and Princes that are not there
For men, they will tell you lies
To get at what is between your thighs
But what I will tell you is not a fib
Upon your happiness it may depend

Choose not a man by your sight
But choose a man whose heart is right
And watch how he loves his father and mother
And how he keeps his little brother
With his sister take special care
Does he treat her like a maiden fair?

So my daughter heed my advice
I may not be able to give it twice
Choose a man who makes you Queen
Who loves you beyond reasoning
As your King, truth makes him strong
His honor a defense even when your wrong
When things look bleak as they can be
A trumpet of hope he blows for his family
For in the end these things do matter
I will not tell fairy tales to my daughter.
-author unknown

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Still Believes

Submitted 09-27-2010

In the myths of the night
Shadows in the dark
He comes in darkness
In the middle of the night
While I'm still sleeping...

Feeling my every thought
knowing exactly what my vengeance are...

Giving me the insanity
to crawl into your body
and destroy every bit of your soul...

While the Devil is inside of me
The Angels are above me

I've been stopped!

In my heart the Angels found a soul
that still BELIEVES IN THE LORD...


Some day you'll remember me

and you will regret what you said

But in your soul you'll

come to an end

and realize,

What a big mistake you made...

So please:

Don't come back

I don't need you

I never have

I never will

You see you are nothing to me

And in my soul

I feel every bit of it...

I cant deny it

and I wont...

Down deep inside

I want to cry

For an asshole,

who got away with it all...

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A Simple Wish

Submitted 09-27-2010

When I see your picture
across my screen
I cant help but think
that you are forbidden to be seeing

All my thoughts had to
be put away for your
not the one for me to entertain

Your precious lips is
what I see...
With a great smile
I would like to see...
Your beautiful eyes
that glare at night...

But only you and I
know,"It was quite a sight!'

I still think of you
don't think I dont
I want to see you
but I wont...

I miss our friendship
I miss our talks
I miss the smile that
came across...

If I knew that our
friendship would end
like this...

I would go back and
change everything,
With a simple wish:

"I heard so much about you, Its nice to finally meet you."

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Nobody In Sight

Submitted 09-27-2010

I still look at you and
see what nobody else can see
I want to have you by my side
and whisper in your ear
All the things you want to hear

If I could I would hold your hands
squeeze them tight...
So that you know,
Its you who I want tonight

I would look into your eyes
that speak to me...
Without nobody in sight,
exactly what you need from me

Your touch lingers my thoughts
Your smile delights my soul
Your the one that I need
Cant you see my distraught
of every thought I seed?

When you lay on your bed
and smile across my way
I know you wont regret,
what is still to come ahead

When our bodies come together
to form and equal one
I want to feel the very
best of you...
Wanting to come back for more
than just what was done....

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Untitled Poem 08

Submitted 10-05-2010

I still think of you
dont think I dont
I still want to be with you
dont think I wont

My heart could only take so much...

My body aches for your attention
A kiss and a hug is never enough,
its a deprivation

A friendly touch,
a different feeling
A kiss on the cheek,
well worth seeking
A warm embrace,
its well worth killing

Having you near me,
my heart starts beating
Getting closer,
I would be deceiving

I look at you,
You look at me
I want to be,
in front of you to see...

Would you react,
of what cant be?

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A Lonely Fool

Submitted 10-05-2010

Hopeless desires
Fearless emotions
Scattered tears
Heart broken

Silly games
A lonely fool
Wrongful thinking
Falling down

Expecting nothing
Holding emotions
Breaking inside
Slowly letting go

Of an asshole,
who put me in this hole

A cold embrace
An empty soul
A shattered glass
An empty voice
A painful sorrow

To see you,
To know you,
To be the one for you...

I cant do it!
I wont do it!

Yes! its true,
I have feelings for you...

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Untitled Poem 09

Submitted 10-06-2010

Let me be
Who I am
Please try and understand

Don't turn your head and walk away,
Think twice and walk my way

I only want to be loved not scolded, abused or reprimanded...

Don't shake your head and say the things you do...

If I had a choice
I would gladly give my life,
repent my sins and

While I still have life
Please dont:
Point your fingers at me and put me down
and hate every part of me

All I want is to be loved
and not scared of the man
I call my husband.

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No Restrictions

Submitted 10-19-2010

If you can see me here
raged in anger
because of a man

Loathing him
because he puts me through hell
Not intentionally
But so deceiving

If you can see me now
In love,
With this man...

Admiring him
Because he makes me smile
Not knowing why he does

My heart skipping a beat
Because he knows me very well
Not knowing how he does

Falling for him
Not knowing or understanding why...

And I know he is not mine but I can see myself with him...

Hate me if you must but I cant help but feel,

What I must not...

My head tells me to stop
But I cant betray my heart

And I must feel...

I cant deny it, I think of him all the time
and wish to see him on my street

If I can change everything and make
him mine, I would

In a heartbeat...

He is a beautiful man inside and out
He is the man in my dreams
He is the one who lets me be

then i hear his songs and I start to cry,
for his not the one for me...

Not knowing what he said
Not knowing what he did

Thinking about him instead,
An exquisite of a man I cant forbid...

Its been to long, since I saw his last...

Its different...
I cant explain why or what if might be
but I cant be at ease

Its easier said than done
So Ive heard...

For what I fell cant be done
I know! It must be wrong...

Its true what they say,
Love is blind but
Love has no restrictions...

And I would fall, so fast
As I would hesitate
To feel,
What is love...

Call it what you may
But I sit here loving the man
I cant have...

Crazy? Maybe...

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Loud and Clear

Submitted 10-20-2010

As I start to fall asleep
And my head begins to tilt
I am startled by your sweet voice and
your careless whispers
As I hear your intimate words
And I dream about you,
Listening to you loud and clear...

I remember those days
we spent together
We couldn't have enough
of each other
You wanted to see me and
I wanted to see you
We needed each other
You and I knew this and
It was loud and clear...

The minutes pass by
The hours as well
But the days got harder
Thinking that this would be the day
About you and me,
But I heard you loud and clear...

As I start to wonder
Its not the same and it begins,
I don't hear from you
I can't even see you
But that gut feeling you get
when you know you cant forget
Well its there,
And I hear you loud and clear!

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Let Me Make You Mine

Submitted 11-04-2010

I want you to want me
And do what you like

Don't be scared I still dont bite...

I want you to take me
And make me feel right

Let me make you be mine...

I can hold you tight,
grab your ass, get on my knees
And suck your dick just right...

Suck it hard and like your balls
and caress them softly and put them in
my mouth...

While I grab your balls with my hand
I can suck your dick clean
till you cum right in my mouth,
And swallow you in...

I can picture you now, What a sight!

I can tell you want me,
your mouth deceives you...

While you look at me,
I know you'll picture what I see...

So innocent and yet so deceiving...

Your dirty thoughts,
touches me right on the spot...

I can make your dream come true,
just watch and see...

Nasty, Dirty and Freaky
Just like you and me...

When you come to bed
Just let me stare...
Let me feel your sexy body
Against mine and we can go upstairs...

I will kiss and bite your lips, nibble on
your ear and then kiss your neck down
to your chest...

While your dick is nice and hard
You can stick it it and
Let me fuck you and hear you scream
my name for me and you
to hear our passion in extreme!

While I :
Open my legs nice and wide
So you can eat me inside and out
Hear me moan and give me a ride
While I climax in and about...

So while you're thinking about what
might happen,
I already have it all planned out...

Just give me a call and everything will
fall right out...

Just remember that this is getting old,
You either want me or you're out!

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He Made His Choice

Submitted 11-04-2010

It seems so long ago
I had a friend
I could call my own

But in regret
I said some things
He wont let me forget

In my heart he still remains
but my faults will still sustain

The friend I will never forget...

He means the world to me
I pray for him, that I wont forget
But he will never see how much he meant

If I could go back and change everything
I would...

But on that day I made a promise,
For its God who knows me good

Till then I hope he knows
I am still waiting on my own
Missing him and I know it shows

He turned his back on me
this I know,
I could clearly see,
he made his choice
and it isn't me...

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I Thought Of Him

Submitted 11-06-2010

Today I said goodbye,
'till I see him again...

I cannot say I knew him well,
but he made me smile in every way...

Each day that passed me by,
I thought of him...

Each night that went by,
I thought of him...

If I made a wish,
It was to see him...

I had to let him go,
You see, he wasn't for me...

He has someone else,
and I wanted him for me...

I didn't notice what was going on with me,
Until he didn't reply to me...

I looked for him,
Every day...

I yearned for him,
In every way...

Yes, he made me laugh
Yes, he made me mad
Yes, he made me sad
Yes, he made me cry

And I still ask myself, Do I really know him?

But at the end,
It was him who I thought of...

So you see I have to let him go,
but in my heart I feel him so...

There is still so much to explore,
if he gives me that chance, I ask for no more...

Its not time to let go,
He means more to me than he will ever know...

I want our friendship to grow,
to be friends and never let go....

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Never Again

Submitted 11-09-2010

I turn on the radio
and your song comes on

To remind me,
that we were never one

Even if you never acknowledge,
what I know we never had

It still hurts down deep inside,
of what we could never have

Just like that,
it had to end

Not a clue,
I had to pretend

If not for you,
I know I would go insane

But I'm sure you knew,
I felt something and it wouldn't be the same

I found out that all my feelings,
I had to keep inside

Where were you?
No where to be found


You found me just a little late
surrounded with this feelings,
I just can't escape

When you decided to ask for my number
and see what is in stake

Calling me and telling me everything
any girl would like to hear

Then you turn around and tell me
it was all a mistake

Right through the heart I felt the pain,
How can you be so sincere?

Full of disgrace of the person I thought
I was...

"Never again!," I say to myself
And your song comes on,
To remind me...


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Submitted 11-10-2010

Sitting alone in the dark
with the air blowing through my hair
feeling the breeze beneath me

As I stare at the sky
If I dare...

Lord, its me
I believe in you!
I always have and forever will

In my heart and in my soul
I will always believe in you my Lord

I would be lost without you
I know I would...

But please help me understand
What you have in-store for me...

You see:
I cant see what you want from me
I cant hear what you need from me

I want to be in peace with you
and live life to the fullest,
As my Lord you planned for me...

As a sigh...

For a sign:
That what you have planned for me is soon to be over....

I don't want to die,
I want to live!

And forever be grateful
For the woman you want...
"To Live!"

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The Day We Met Again

Submitted 12-02-2010

I wish I wasn't so drunk the day we met again
I said I wouldn't feel a thing but it was a little to late
You keep going through my mind and that I just can't explain
There you were right in front of me and anybody would call it fate

My heart beating fast
My legs trembling
My hands sweating

Over someone I already knew...

Your beautiful face
Your glimmering eyes
Your gorgeous smile

As you came closer to greet me..

A smell I will never forget
A kiss I will always keep
A touch I will never regret

Your warm embrace I will always treasure...

A drink in one hand
and my heart in the other

While I looked at you from afar...

A wedding band in our hands
and our eyes still met each other

I thought I knew you so well...

As easy as you came,
you left my side

You didn't give me a chance,
to admire you
That look you gave me,
melt my heart inside

And when you smile,
my heart smiled with you

I needed you that night...

When you left my side
I'd wish I held you back

A kiss on my cheek,
wasn't enough

A hug good-bye,
is what I lack

I am getting into deep....

So please let me go,
there is no relationship

Its giving me more,
misery and agony

It will never be more,
than friendship

Next time when you see me please look the other way
Just dont deny me what you owe me
My satisfaction would come from your hugs and kisses my way
But for the person who holds the key will forever be in me
While I hold a bottle in my hand drinking all my sorrows away
What couldn't be for me....

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A Life Without You

Submitted 12-09-2010

A life without you

A day passes by and I remember
your eyes
A week passes by and I think of
your smile
A month passes by and I miss
your voice

What would I do if you left my side?

I would cry a thousand tears for you,
But that wouldn't bring you back...

I would be lost without you,
But I think I would crack...

I would go crazy for you,
But you wouldn't react...

They say its easier said than done
But don't they know...

It hurts so much and it would only show...

I know it wouldn't be easy,
I know it wouldn't be for me...

I wish I was strong enough,
Not to feel but I do...

I wish I didn't care,
But I do care...

But the truth is I would die without you...

What makes me feel this way?

A friend once told me,
"Its what you call a heart."


I may not have much left but I know
I dont want it...

I still question why I feel the way I do,
when you're just a friend...

I try to explain what I feel for you,
but you need no explanations...

I leave you by saying:

"Try and understand that my life
would be different if you weren't in it."

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